I had a passion for photography and architectural design since the age of 14. As a young adult started my life adventures by travelling to New Zealand, in 2004. After exploring and living in three parts of the globe, in 2015 I've returned to settle in Auckland with my kiwi husband.
Have a strong connection to my Hungarian heritage, where I studied arts from a very young age. I was fortunate to be taught by some of the finest artists, e.g. Janos Fajo who encouraged to seek the simple shapes, shades & forms. I admire architecture and furniture design, which become major part of my career. Have been working with high end interior designers across Europe and the USA. Now working at Stoke Fire place studio in Newmarket.
 As a result of my studies and experience I have chosen to focus on applying simplicity in my photography.
Love painting, hiking and the ocean. My favorite day is the one spent outdoors; embracing and respecting nature. I intend to use photography to capture nature, light, textures around my daily life and believe that learning never stops. My gear is a professional one from Canon with a Manfrotto Tripod.
I hope you will enjoy my photography.

Auckland, NZ
Hermes NZ

San Francisco, USA
Shawback Design, Damon Savoia /Silverado Resort Remodel
Stage Struck, Steven Favreau

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